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Your donation powers Serenity's Grace to provide food, clothing, education, furniture, appliances and other daily essentials to those in need in the Central Florida area. We have served over 20,000 hot meals, clothing items and hygiene products to members of our community through our community outreach events. These feats would be impossible without people like yourself who donate and volunteer.

For information regarding donations which are non-monetary, please contact us here.

Our Future Goals:

Support Package - Provide a full support package to those in need. The package will including housing options, financial support and basic human needs support provided by other local charities. We will actively work with people to get them to independence.


Veteran Program - To help veterans avoid any period of homelessness, get back into the work force, and receive medical care.


Convict Program - A job placement and rehabilitation program for ex-cons who are struggling to adapt back into society.


In Two Years - Over the next 2 years, the at-risk community will have better access to financial counselling so they can become independent which will allow them to begin saving and looking towards the future. If someone is on the verge of being homeless our programs will ensure they receive the support to keep their life in tact.


In Five Years - Over the next 5 years we want to increase our direct impact community events to at least once a week.

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