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About Serenity's Grace


Serenity's Grace Inc. is a local and licensed 501(c)(3) charity located in the Central Florida area. We are dedicated to leading the homeless and disabled to self-sufficiency. We are here to reduce the extreme poverty level in the Central Florida area with the effort of people helping people.  All donations made are tax deductible, so donate or volunteer today to make a direct impact within your community.

Our most notable service is our community outreach program. While other organizations bring out pre-made food, which can be store bought, we cook the food ourselves to ensure our attendees get a freshly cooked meal. We have many choices to choose from during our events to accommodate those with diet restrictions as well.

During our community outreach events, we provide clothing, hygiene products, and information on community resources such as rehabilitation programs, local shelters, and other local charities that can help in specific issues. Very few of the people that attend our events know of all the programs that the Central Florida area offers, which is why we offer many services to accommodate this gap in information.

The biggest struggle that individuals have in getting help is knowing that the help is available to them. The only way we can show our community that they have help is with people like yourself who volunteer and donate.


Hunger, hygiene, clothing, and health resources is an issue commonly associated within the poverty-stricken community. Our community outreach programs provide hot meals, clothing, hygiene products, and community resources to help those in need.

Have you ever had to decide to either pay rent or eat food, to go without for another day just to get by? Many of the people within our community have to make these decisions on a daily basis and endure these hardships.  


Your donations will provide a step forward to self-sufficiency by providing food, clothing, hygiene products, furniture, appliances, and other community resources to those in need.

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