Hunger is an issue commonly associated with homeless. We focus on those in need as well. We regularly support diability homes.


Your group of volunteers will have the opportunity to see, firsthand, the crisis facing those in need on a daily basis and the gratitude they express to those offering a helping hand.


 Think about this: Have you ever had to decide paying a bill or buying food? Going to bed hungry just to make sure your child goes to sleep on a full stomach? For those who are unemployed or under-employed and living on the streets, finding food and daily hygiene items can be a daily struggle. Your donation will provide a step forward to self-sufficiency.

The needy/homeless population are often one that is overlooked and forgotten. It is considered to be a statistic, it's easy for a needy person to become discouraged and depressed. This is especially true when he/she feels that nobody cares. When you choose to get down and dirty in the trenches to reach those in need, your act of kindness can go a long way. Providing for the needy won't end the epidemic, but it can reignite a spark of hope in the heart of one living through these circumstances. 

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