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We want to thank those who donate and give thanks to every sponsor and donor who supports our cause. All of you are part of our family and we cannot help our communities without your help!


Current Active Grants:

Our Team

Karlette Karras

Chief Executive Officer


Stephanie Camarato

Chief Financial Officer

Valencia College and Rollins College Alumni, Stephanie has 5+ years of experience in leadership positions from many community organizations throughout her career. She has an education in economics with emphasis on personal finance.


She has a goal and a passion to end poverty in America and Serenity's Grace is her way to achieve that.


"Always push forward!"

Courtney Boswell

Chief Communications Officer


Steffen Camarato

Chief Engineering Officer

Steffen is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps with 4+ years of project management and data analysis experience. After serving his country, some misfortune fell upon him and he became a homeless Veteran. While times have become better, he understands the value of charities that help the homeless and he brings that passion with him to Serenity's Grace.

He is a graduate of engineering from Valencia College and has an education in the field of Computer Engineering. He has been serving the greater Orlando area in many volunteering efforts for several years, with emphasis on S.T.E.M. education and children. 

Steven Karras

Business Development Officer

A Valencia College alumni, Steven has been serving in hospitality management for many years because he has a passion to help others.


While at Valencia, he took on various leaderships roles, such as the Chair for Phi Beta Lambda and the Hospitality Society, where he has lead teams in multiple community and fundraising events. Being an entrepreneur, he has always had his hands in start up companies and organizations.


Steven has contributed countless hours to his volunteering efforts. He strives to help people and create an impact in their lives, and this is the passion that he brings to Serenity's Grace.

Nicole Dees

Volunteer Coordinator

Nicole has been serving in the United States Air Force for over 28 years and counting.  She was active duty and is currently in the Reserves.  She works for the Marine Corps as a Logistician for the Program Manager Training Systems where they field training systems for Marines to train on before being deployed. She has an A.S. degree in Electronics Engineering and a B.S. degree in Telecommunications from the ITT Technical Institute, where she was awarded the title of Valedictorian.


Nicole also works on the Morale and Welfare committee at her job and she has also volunteered as a Paw Pals, where she would bring her dog to Alzheimer's facilities to visit with patients.


Family is an important aspect of her life. She feels that it is important to be grateful and enjoy the time you have with them. Having her sons volunteer is one way she achieves this.  After recently getting married she has also gotten her husband to participate, and he is the chef.

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