“To help the impoverished to self-sufficiency.”


Serenity’s Grace is organized to provide food, shelter, furniture, appliances, education and daily essentials to the homeless and those in need within our community. 


“A world where everyone can live with dignity.”


We envision a world where everyone’s potential is seen and a world where no one should be living in poverty. We want every human being to have access to the basic essentials to live a decent and dignified life.


Serenity’s Grace was started from the hopes and strength of a young girl with a big heart, named Serenity. Her grandmother, Karlette Karras, has always been a woman of service from years of working with the Red Cross, to church outreach programs, project management and even coordinating her own neighborhood cleanups and feedings. She raised her children, Niki Karras and Steven Karras, to always help others first and kept them actively involved with the community. Serenity, Niki's daughter, developed her own ideas on how to give back through witnessing first hand the crisis in her neighborhood.


At a very young age, Serenity was exposed to impoverished communities that struggled with their extreme poverty. Around the age of 2 to 3, she was already active and helping in anyway that she could. When she was 4 years old, the outreach rules changed for their family’s church, preventing them from bringing children to volunteer. Serenity would always ask, "When are we going to feed? When are we going back to help the people?" After explaining the reason to her, Serenity said very thoughtfully, "We don't need them, we can do it ourselves. Lets clean out our closest and cook them some food. We can just take it to them.” This small action was the seed to Serenity's Gift of Love Outreach, a family charity now known as Serenity's Grace Inc. 


Serenity's Grace was run mostly by Karlette, her best friend Sue Boggs, and her children. After losing Sue to cancer in 2016, Karlette was almost ready to fall apart. Knowing that Sue was her backbone and would have wanted Karlette to continue on, her son Steven decided to bring in some help and reached out to his friends to grow the future of Serenity's Grace. The charity’s board is made up of friends and family, whose experience ranges from the military, the education system, and the public work force.


Now, in 2017, Serenity's Grace Inc. is pushing forward to create long term solutions to help the less fortunate in our community.


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